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“Awwww, do I hafta update my WordPress?”

Posted on Sep 23, 2019 in Featured

The answer is “yes and no.” Like any software application WordPress is subject to relatively frequent updates and it’s important to update WordPress, its plugins, and themes. Good news is that we at Mac 5 Creative will take care of this for you so that is where the “no” part of the answer comes into play.  Why should I have Mac 5 Creative do this? Because updating WordPress and its plugins will:

Fix bugs Like any app, WordPress and the plugins used with it can periodically suffer from bugs popping up in the code. Updating the WordPress core, plugins, and themes will fix annoying bugs discovered in the previous version. Nobody likes bugs – they can diminish website functionality, making it unreliable and just plain difficult to work with.

Add functionality and features This one’s pretty obvious. Who doesn’t want the latest bells and whistles to make their website look great and attract more visitors? Go ahead and update. You know you want all that good stuff.  One of the features that have been improved upon is the content editor that you use to write your pages and posts by improving capabilities or adding shortcuts for frequently used formatting.

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How Does My Website Rank?

Posted on Sep 13, 2019 in Featured

“How does my website rank?” is a question we hear often. With so many companies and organizations turning to the web to engage in online marketing and gain visibility, “how does my website rank?” is not just an important question, it’s a vital one for success. Getting found online is so important these days that many firms base their ability to reach and influence potential customers and clients solely on their Google search engine ranking. In fact, recent research has revealed that 93 percent of all buying decisions begin with an online search.

So, if you’ve asked the question “what’s my website ranking?”  you’re not alone. Search engine optimization is both an art and a science designed to help website owners better position their websites to be found, with the goal to appear as high as possible in search results, preferably on page one. Anything less than that means the answer to “how does my website rank?” will be “not that good.”

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Why do Reports about your Website Matter?

Posted on Jan 8, 2019 in Featured

Is your website working for you? Your website should always be a work in progress. Just like your lungs need air, your website needs changes. New pages, updated information, better quality photo’s are some of what is necessary to keep your site current in today’s ever changing world.

Why do Reports about your Website Matter?Key Phrases: Your goal should be to increase the number of keyphrase specific content on the site to attract the right kind of visitors. Taking the time to pick the correct words/phrases and using them will increase traffic to your website. Having this information on a report is necessary to know what’s working.

Site Visits: See how many people visited your site this month, and more specifically how many of the visitors were new prospects. Keeping track of these numbers, and having a goal for the future will help to motivate you, or your marketing professionals.

Pages viewed and time on site: Is your website putting out enough information to keep your prospect’s interested? What pages are they going to the most. What pages are never visited, and could use a new look with new ideas? Keep informed and get the most out of your website.

Google pages indexed: Increasing your ranking will increase revenue! The number of google pages indexed for your website is used in the algorithms by Google for ranking. Getting that number up, combined with other factors will get you listed, and you want to be first!

Form submissions: Are your forms producing new prospects. Increasing form submissions directly relates to increasing sales. It’s important to look at quality vs non quality submissions. Are the prospects what you were looking for, or trying to sell you something.

Reading and reacting to your report results will improve your overall website traffic, form submissions, and your bottom line. We hope that helps you understand why report’s about your website do matter! Here at Mac5 Creative we have many plans that include reports.

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